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Former chairmen of the BOC


Eftim Kitanchev 1923-1925

His sporting activities included equestrian and fencing. He was among the initiators in building the first horse track in Bulgaria.



Dimitar Stanchov 1927-1929

Chosen at the second congress of the comitee in 1927, retired just 2 years later.


VelizarVelizar Lazarov 1929-1941

A colonel in the army. Became the head of the committee on 16th November 1929.


RashkoRashko Atanasov 1941-1944

General Atanasov had been foreign minister, deputy head of the General Staff in the Army and a chairman of the “Junak” sports club.



Vladimir Stoychev 1952-1982

Had a key role in the recovering of the BOC in 1952. The Bulgarian who was a member of the IOC for the longest period. Between 1956 and 1960 was a part of the Executive board of the IOC. Got increasingly interested in equestrian and took part in the Paris`24 and Amsterdam`28 Olympics. In 1927 was named a “maestro in equestrian” in Switzerland. Chairman of the BOC between 1951 and 1982.

bok-slavkovIvan Slavkov 1982-2005

Became the chairman of the BOC on march 5th 1982. In the same year he put the basics of the Bulgarian national olympic academy. Deputy chairman of Sofia olympic bid team for hosting the games in 1992. Professor in sports managment, honoured doctor of the National Sports Academy in Bulgaria.

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